Villa Meriggio
A timeless location, in Valeggio sul Mincio

Villa Meriggio
A timeless location, in Valeggio sul Mincio


Wonderful gem located in a fascinating area

Born in 1917 – a time full of conflicts and contradictions – and shaped by the beauty of both arts and poetry, Villa Meriggio collects in its high view the plain’s gentle unfolding towards the west, towards the sunset. We know little about its history: designed in Liberty and Art Noveau style, it was probably the vacation home of noble families.


Nature, external vision, inspiration, inner vision

Meeting at Villa Meriggio means, above all, being absorbed by its philosophy, allowing it to inspire unique, authentic experiences and resonate through each precious moment spent in the rooms and the enchanting outdoor areas.

  • The rooms

    West-Diwan Room

    Between East and West, between silence and words, waiting to start something…


    Atrium Symphony of Winds

    The Mirror and cabinet of the early ‘900 and the Bohemia crystals lamp create suggestive flashes of reflections and lights…


    Auditorium of the Hours

    Thus, the line taken from Montale’s “Falsetto” (“in the water you find and renew yourself”)…


    Arcadia Orangerie

    Arcadia. Historical region of ancient Greece, idealised landscape of pastoral poetry, where man and nature live in harmony…


    Sala del divano Occidentale

    Tra Oriente e Occidente, tra silenzio e parola, nell’attesa di iniziare qualcosa…

    Atrio sinfonia dei venti

    Specchio, cabinet del primo ‘900 e la lampada in cristalli di Boemia creano suggestivi giochi di riflessi e luci…

    Auditorio delle ore

    E così “nell’acqua ti ritrovi, ti rinnovi”, recita il verso tratto da “Falsetto” di Eugenio Montale…

    Limonaia Arcadia

    Arcadia. Regione storica dell’antica Grecia, terra idealizzata della poesia pastorale dove uomo e natura vivono in armonia…

    Being at Meriggio

    Villa Meriggio is a small, wonderful gem located in a fascinating area. It is located in the municipality of Valeggio sul Mincio, a small town founded in the Middle Ages, a few kilometres away from the city of Verona and Lake Garda. It is a space out of time, ready to welcome those who wish to embrace its philosophy and its few, precise rules. Also, it is easy to reach, regardless the different starting points of its guests, thanks to its proximity to the A4 motorway and Verona’s Valerio Catullo Airport, both located at less than half an hour’s drive from Villa Meriggio.


    Is it possible to visit the structure?

    Villa Meriggio is not open to the public. To visit Villa Meriggio, it is mandatory to make a reservation through the following form, and then you will be contacted via the provided email to confirm the reservation.

    Is it possible to hold an event within the facility?

    Villa Meriggio hosts private, corporate, and cultural events all year round with the biggest national and international brands and artists. You can request the availability of the venue through the following form.

    Is it possible to conduct a photo shoot inside the structure?

    It is possible to request availability of Villa Meriggio for a video shoot, a photo shoot, or a site visit by filling out the following form.

    Rules of the Game


    • Absolute respect for the place;
    • Predisposition to listen;
    • Live moments of reflection and silence;
    • Be open and ready to welcome expressions of culture with no facilitators, true and authentic in all their artistic forms;
    • Awareness of the philosophy of Meriggio.

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